GEARED Technology & SUNRISE system Bring the concept of green sustainability and healthy residence to our daily life.
GEARED Technology was founded in 2004, providing customers the most professional and legal natural smoke extraction and window ventilation system with our exclusive patent operation technology certified by multi-nations. Our objective is to bring sustainability, healthy residency and energy-saving to our everyday life, with the combination of smart buildings, it will achieve the balance of artificial intelligence and humanized control. All these, to provide you the safest and the most stable products and services.
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Why SUNRISE Automated Window System?

Fire Safety
Thick smoke is considered to be the most fetal and disturbing during the rescue process. With the installed smoke vents, smoke has access to exit the building, thus, lasting affects of smoke are diminished and health of occupants is maintained.
Household safety
After the natural ventilation system senses the excessive carbon monoxide, it will add in fresh air to ensure the concentration of air in the appropriate level, enabling ventilation to avoid occupants exposed to danger.
Ventilation within household and office building
Fresh air is one of the most important and inevitable qualities in the LQI (Life Quality Index), windowing system not only can allow ventilation but also can decrease bacterial growth and allergen hoarding.
Energy conservation and environmental protection to reduce carbon emissions
Utilizing air conditioning for temperature control consumes high electricity which produces considerable amount of carbon emission. Yet, natural ventilation system will detect room temperature automatically to generate air conviction for better room temperature.

Product description

Sunrise provides the most professional services from product planning, design to installation and testing

Thick Cable Automatic Window


Thin Cable Automatic Window


Electronic smoke exhaust / natural ventilation controlling system


Natural ventilation for indoor exhaust


Product Advantages

Certified from multiple safety testing,personalization and thorough repair warranty service.

  • Obtain multi-nation’s patent certification
    Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan and European Union
  • Compliance with fire regulations
  • Customized production based on site space.
    Customized indoor window frame
    Customized operation panel
  • Provide maintenance and warranty service.
Stable system with multiple examinations
Motor ingress protection test
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System Switch Durability Test( TAF certified)
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System Pressure Test(SGS certified)
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Cable Salt Spray Test(SGS certified)
Degree Celsius Test (SGS certified)


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